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Laser Safety Officer

Certified Laser Technician
HydraFacial Specialist

Jenny graduated from Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School in March 2021 where her focus was Cosmetics and becoming a Certified Laser Technician. Jenny's knowledge and understanding of the laser hair removal process will help you feel at ease during any treatment. Her smile and joyful presence will always make you feel welcome and comfortable when visiting our office. Jenny enjoys thrifting, the outdoors and going to brunch with friends. We love having Jenny on our laser hair removal team!



Certified Laser Technician
HydraFacial Specialist

Mariah graduated from Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School in 2017. After completing her schooling from Pure Aesthetics, Mariah later attended Allure Medical where she became a Certified Laser Technician! Mariah has a passion for skin care and helping people achieve their skin care goals! On Mariah's free time, she enjoys collecting records and painting! Mariah's laughter and free spirit will always brighten your day when visiting Affordable Laser.



Office Manager

Shea officially joined the Affordable Laser team in August of 2017, however being Sharon's daughter, she has been a part of the business since the beginning. Shea is always happy to help in any situation as the office manager and loves making the office a nice and friendly environment for our clients and employees. Shea graduated from Pima Community College with an Associate Degree in Applied Science in the spring of 2019. When she is not working hard for our clients, she loves spending time with her husband and high school sweetheart, mountain biking, snowboarding, riding dirt bikes and attending concerts.



Business Owner

Sharon and her husband Chad are the soul owners of this family-owned business. Sharon is a proud mother of 7 children and loves her great-grandchildren with all her heart. Sharon is the most honest person you will ever meet. With her kind attitude, loving character, and strong approach to business, Sharon has made this business what it is today. With a large family and a business to run, she does an amazing job at keeping the balance of it all. Most of all, Sharon loves to spend time with her family and is willing to go above and beyond for those that she loves. We are so grateful to have Sharon as our owner here at Affordable Laser.

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