Laser Hair Removal

Affordable Laser has helped both men and women throughout Arizona with all their laser hair removal needs. Our treatments are done by a licensed technician on our top of the line laser. Save time out of your daily routine by safely removing that unwanted hair.

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Laser Hair Removal Consultations


All of our consultations are quick and easy. Did we mention they're FREE!

A consultation must be completed before any treatment is performed. This is where our Laser Hair Removal process is explained and we answer any questions you may have. We can't wait to review your hair treatment goals and help create a treatment plan customized especially for YOU!

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Test Spots


We want the best results for you! Our Certified Laser Hair Removal Technicians perform a small test spot on the area wanting to be treated, with no commitment required! See why our clients prefer Laser Hair Removal over shaving and waxing.

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Full Body Package

$339 per Month

The most cost effective way to receive a full body laser hair removal treatment. Affordable Laser’s Full Body Package allows you to treat any area on your body, ideal for clients looking to treat multiple areas. Automatic Monthly Payments are made for a total of 18 months. No Credit Checks & Thousands in Savings!

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Was $149 
Now ONLY $119

Summer Sale Ends August 31st

The COMBO includes the Brazilian combined with any additional SMALL area at a discounted, affordable price.

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Per Treatment Pricing

$59 - $299

If you're interested in treating one area, or a few small areas, this is the way to go! Pay per treatment with no contracts, no commitments and no hidden fees.

Below is a detailed pricing of our per treatment pricing.

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Per Treatment Pricing



·  Full Arms
·  Full Chest & Abs
·  Full Back & Shoulders
·  Full Legs



·  Full Beard
·  Head
·  Buttocks
·  Shoulders
·  Lower Arms
·  Upper Arms
·  Lower Legs
·  Upper Legs
·  Lower Back
·  Upper Back
·  Abdomen
·  Chest



·  Underarms -  $59 SALE
·  Brazilian
·  Lip & Chin
·  Cheeks
·  Forehead
·  Front of Neck
·  Back of Neck


Extra Small

·  Bikini
·  Happy Trail
·  Areolas
·  Glabella
·  Clevage
·  Anal
·  Ears
·  Nose
·  Upper Lip
·  Chin
·  Hands 
·  Feet
·  Sideburns